Rebuttal – Why Anita Garrett Roe needs you to stay at HER hotel for Mary Kay seminar

In this post MKS is complaining about what appears to be an email from NSD Anita Garrett-Roe explaining why she likes her Directors and Consultants to stay at the same hotel at Seminar. Anita explains that the hotel requires a room committment in order to guarantee the large ballroom space. MKS acts like she has no idea hotels work like this and she probably doesn’t know since she probably never booked anything this large. Anita mentions the 3 lines of Directors she is paid on, which MKS finds fault with, but Anita immediately says ALL LINES will be recognized for their accomplishments. MKS just chooses to look at this as negative when positive MK people will see it as a good thing.



October 12, 2006 at 8:59 pm 4 comments

The Truth is Coming

OK, just getting started here.

Be patient, the truth is coming. I will take the posts on (MKS) and comment on what the truth is behind what is being posted. Then you can come to this blog and not MKS to see what is being said and not make them look so popular.

I mean, we all know that over half of the people that go to MKS are happy Mary Kay consultants who are just outraged by the lies, half truths and rude comments posted on MKS.

Be patient.

October 12, 2006 at 7:48 pm 8 comments

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